AcousramA is a French -Canadian electroacoustic composer / sound artist . Therelationship between order and disorder / heights and textures defined his aesthetic through extensive use of the sound object as a structural element of his music.
He studied piano, guitar , instrumental and electroacoustic composition at the Conservatory of Montreal and Paris .
He presented his work in Europe ( France , England, Spain , Italy) , in Canada, the United States , Peru and Chile.
He lived in Lima (Peru) between 2008 and 2010 and created the association  » Sonus mordicus  » ( ) whose purpose is the diffusion of electroacoustic musique / musique concrète through conferences , workshops and experiences such as  » sound art in the Amazon . »
In 2012 , with  » Sonus mordicus  » he began (it never ends ) the establishment of an orchestra of loudspeakers ( acousmonium ) to diffuse electroacoustic music

AcousramA is today the author of fifty electroacoustic or instrumental pieces.