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INTIM ART – Illes Gimnesies

Newcomer on alimentic : INTIM ART, present his new release.

Intim Art is a poly instrumentist from Balearic Island who started playing sitar since the age of 18. He went to Benares and he studied with DR.Raj Bhan Singh, Ajit Singh, Padmabhan Singh ; then next years he studied with Panditji Amar Nath Misrna.

He starded to compose on 1996 making his own private studio INTIM.ART .

His music is a folk avant-garde genre, electro-acoustic school influence.

About “Illes Gimnesies” :

“in  2015  in  mallorca  island ,i   visited   an  ancestral  spot  of  the  seaside ,where  there´s  a  Necropolis  wich  was made  and  used  by  phonecians  tribe  and  also  natural  caves  near by  . i  starded  to  study  the  pre-history   of   the  island  where  i  belong  ..
the blue  sea  and  these facts  are  the  album  it   felt  inspired .

in  the  same  moments  I  was  doing  my  own  first  experience  making a  LIRE  MITHOLOGIC (ancestral  instrument from  mediterranean  sea lands)

these  are  the   elements  of  my  enthusiasm  on  those  days  .

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